What does “Shocking” a swimming pool mean, and why is it vital? Pool surprise is a granular pool chemical, which must be delivered for your swimming pool at least once each week. You have to surprise more often if the pool is used heavily, once you get hold of big quantities of rain, or throughout extended durations of warm, sunny weather. The chlorine tablets or granular chlorine which you continuously dissolve into your pool water seeks out and combines with micro organism and other organics on a molecular stage, to neutralize these harmful contaminants. In the system of killing those harmful contaminants the chlorine will become inactive, and the chlorine and micro organism that have combined collectively is called “Combined Chlorine”. The mixed chlorine need to be eliminated from the swimming pool to preserve your pool water secure and clean. The blended chlorine is removed with the aid of “Shocking” the swimming pool. Super chlorinating or “Shocking” method significantly elevating the chlorine level of the swimming pool for a brief time, to a high enough degree that the combined chlorine is oxidized and burnt off.
Which Shock ought to you operate? There seems to be a very extensive selection of swimming pool surprise on the market, and each pool supply distributor works difficult to make their product appear a step above the relaxation. When all of the products are compared facet by means of the side, the most effective actual distinction on the labels is the attention of the energetic elements inside the product. The trendy pool surprise that most pool proprietors use has the lively element Calcium Hypochlorite. You ought to anticipate the label to read sixty five% Calcium Hypochlorite. Another greater concentrated version of the pool surprise may have as a whole lot as 75% Calcium Hypochlorite. Some manufacturers advertise a Calcium Hypochlorite based surprise product, which allows you to swim within the pool shortly after adding it. Upon examining the label you may note that the attention of Pool selber bauen Calcium Hypochlorite is handiest round 47%. Although you could swim rapidly after the use of this type of surprise product, the decrease attention of Calcium Hypochlorite might not be sufficient to successfully wreck micro organism and harmful contaminants to your pool. Another chlorine primarily based shock product that maximum pool deliver distributors offer is usually known as “Lithium Shock”. Rather than the energetic factor Calcium Hypochlorite this is found in not unusual Pool Shock, Lithium Shock contains Lithium Hypochlorite. Lithium shock uses lithium as a filler in place of the calcium, which lets in this product to dissolve in water much faster and does no longer have an effect on the calcium hardness degree of the swimming pool. Although Lithium Shock is superior to the not unusual Calcium Hypochlorite based totally pool shock, this product isn’t utilized by most pool owners due to the better fee. In addition to the chlorine primarily based pool surprise, you’ll discover a product known as Chlorine-Free Pool Shock. This modern pool chemical plays the same assignment of oxidizing bacteria and organics for your swimming pool water, however it does now not incorporate chlorine or chemical substances which are harsh on swimmers eyes and pores and skin. Chlorine-Free pool shock performs just in addition to a chlorine based totally swimming pool surprise by means of the usage of the energetic aspect Potassium Monopersulfate. Chlorine free pool surprise uses a unique chemical manner to spoil bacteria, in preference to elevating the chlorine level of water to risky ranges. You can truly swim within the pool handiest one hour after the usage of Chlorine-Free Shock. Chlorine based totally pool surprise (Calcium Hypochlorite) has a excessive pH, and could evidently raise the pH level of your swimming pool water, in addition to converting your chlorine degree. Chlorine loose shock has a neutral pH, and could not affect any of your pool chemical tiers. Chlorine-loose shock is also advanced to chlorine based pool shock for everyday weekly stunning due to the inert components and fillers which can be used within the product. Each time chlorine based totally (Calcium-Hypochlorite) swimming pool Shock is delivered to your water, you are adding calcium to the pool. This may also sooner or later enhance the calcium hardness degree of the water, inflicting cloudiness or scaling along the water line. Chlorine based totally swimming pool shock have to constantly be saved handy, due to the fact it’s miles the ONLY pool chemical as a way to kill algae after algae has grown in the pool. If your water chemistry is properly maintained, and you surprise your swimming pool as a minimum as soon as a week, you may in no way see algae or enjoy water problems of any type!
Don’t use Liquid Shock! Another form of shock that is widely to be had at any neighborhood pool store, hardware keep and many grocery stores is liquid chlorine. This liquid chlorine is typically used as shock, and utilized in place of chlorine capsules. Many pool proprietors believe this liquid chlorine is all they want to correctly keep a swimming pool, and unfortunately this is inaccurate. Liquid chlorine is very inefficient and highly-priced in comparison to properly maintaining a swimming pool the use of chlorine drugs and a weekly shock treatment. Liquid shock may additionally seem easier to apply than the granular surprise for a few pool proprietors due to the fact you really walk up to the pool and unload the liquid in. The trouble is that once you sell off the hazardous liquid to your pool, you need to put off all the empty plastic bottles with the damaging chemical residue inside. Granular pool shock is packaged in small, clean to apply 1 lb. Baggage. If any children have access to the vicinity in which pool chemicals are stored it will be some distance simpler to have an accident concerning full or empty bottles of liquid chlorine, than an twist of fate with luggage of granular pool shock. Granular Pool Shock is rated at a minimum of 47% available chlorine and available in concentrations as much as seventy five%. If you look at the label on a bottle of liquid chlorine it’ll say that it is ONLY 10% sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine)!! This way you are paying for ninety% salt water with every bottle you purchase. The dosage for a preferred granular pool shock is 1 lb. In line with 10,000 gallons of pool water. If you are presently the usage of a liquid shock, you should examine the cost of a dose of liquid shock to the price of a dose of granular pool surprise. You will discover that granular pool surprise can offer you a giant financial savings.